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The first 3 chapters of Martin Hausner's brand new E-book
“ Uplift Yourself, Change the World“

It took Martin Hausner 47 years to write this book. Let me explain why.

It is said that “knowledge is power.” It isn’t. Knowledge is only information. It becomes power when reflected upon, realized and applied. This is called wisdom. And it is wisdom that changes us. 

What I share in Uplift Yourself, Change the World was known to my head long ago, but it took almost half a century to really be known to my heart.

As a thank you I'm giving you the first 3 chapters of Martin Hausner's brand new book. Happy reading

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How to Boost your Self-esteem
Video Course

To get you a bit inspired I'm sharing this 7 part video course on "How to boost your Self-Esteem.

Watch here Part 1/7
"How you treat others affects you

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How this 7-part course will boost your self esteem:


Part 1: How you treat others affects you.

Learn how you can regain control to make yourself and others feel either happy or miserable.


Discover how you have the power to change relationships by elevating your consciousness which will affect everyone around you.


A powerful exercise to show you how you could do things differently.


See how your perception influences you emotions in a negative or positive way.  Break the cycle of negativity.


Learn how forgiveness reliefs your suffering and how blaming others is affecting your self-esteem.


Learn to see situations in such a way where we better understand why people do what they do. Learn to align your values in your daily life


Discover what your core needs are. See how your expectations lead to resentment and learn how to set yourself free.

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