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Discover What Is Holding You Back In Life

Here is your chance to find out how you can grow!

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If you are not growing, you are dying

You feel lost and disconnected from yourself, your loved ones and you feel you don’t belong in this world. Many of us who feel this way have been searching for something to make us feel whole again. We are clueless as what and to why we feel this way. Do you dissatisfied and unfulfilled with your life? In order to cope with life you developed a lifestyle that is not only unhealthy for you but which is also addictive and destructive.

Take a minute to imagine where you will be in 1 – 5 years in you continue going down this road. As a result you go into self pity, which is considered to be the most dis-empowering emotion. Do you feel powerless ? Have you had enough? If you identify with my story and think you may share the same problem I’d like to share the solution with you.

Do you feel a certain emptiness inside of you? If so, here are the main reasons why;

  • Someone has hurt you in the past and it’s still influencing you in a negative way
  • Your values and beliefs are not in line with how you feel and behave
  • Your current lifestyle is unhealthy, destructive, addictive and it’s harming you
  • You don’t know who you really are and you don’t know your purpose


An Invitation To Pay It Forward



Start Your Self-Discovery


4 Ways to stop suffering & start living

At NIVISTA the main focus is on “Living in Integrity. We offer authentic spiritual processes with psychological benefits for material problems. By becoming whole and living in integrity, we focus on filling the great void at the heart of our lives. Part of living in Integrity goes deep into the essence of who you are and who you want to become.

The goal is to make you feel whole again, live a life you feel is worthy to you and help you discover and fulfill your purpose in life. It is in giving that we receive and find fulfillment. I’m here to share this gift with you. I don’t claim that it’s for everyone. I speak from my own experience as seen through the positive changes in my lives and the lives of others I have helped. I’m only sharing with you what has worked for me.

Living in Integrity is a four-fold process;

  • Healing the past through forgiveness
  • Getting a grip of your current situation
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, addictive and destructive patterns
  • Discovering your life purpose (Dharma)

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