NIVISTA is born out of pain through my own suffering but with the firm belief that all human beings come into this world as authentic living beings. We are born to be authentic, it is our natural state. It is what we are, it is who we are but somehow along the way that connection with ourselves got lost. Our goal is to get back on track and start walking our true path.

The key to happiness starts with knowing who you are. If you don't know who you are, what makes you unique and what is holding you back in life, how will you know what makes you happy and what real happiness is?

NIVISTA helps people reconnect with themselves by guiding them how to be more authentic and living in integrity. Our mission is to help you grow through the power of self-discovery so that you too can live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

We believe in building a community in which all feel welcome, encouraged, and above all fully accepted with all our faults and character defaults. The emphasis is on healing, recovery and fulfillment. We're happiest when we're growing and sharing our gift with others, by doing so we become a better version of ourselves.


Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists, not generalists. We help create identities and experiences to elevate your standards and empower you. We go deep into the essence of who you are and who you want to become. Our goal is to help you feel whole, live a life you feel is worthy to you and help you discover and fulfill your purpose in life.

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We walk the talk, we are what we say we are and we do what we say we do. Living in Integrity is regarded as one of the highest virtues in living a meaningful and fulfilling life. It is a way of living that enables you to live according to the values, beliefs and principles that are most important to you. As a result, when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, you see yourself completely for who you are, with full acceptance and feelings of happiness and fulfillment. We are here to help you make empowered choices while you learn in action what it means to live in integrity. We help you find your true path while clearing all the mess behind you. Integration of the these elements while remaining in alignment with who you are, what you do and what you believe, will give you a sense of truthfulness, honesty and a inner sense of wholeness. We are here to share the collective wisdom we have acquired along the paths of self discovery with the feeling of wholeness as an outcome.


It all boils down to why we do what we do in life. The same goes for you, do you know why you do what you do? We mean the deeper purpose of it all, not the results of your actions. If you don't know why, than you will never know for certain if you are walking your own true path for the right reason. We inspire others to become a better version of themselves by introducing you to the power of self-discovery, so that you too can live a fulfilling and meaningful life. If you are not growing, you are dying !



Life is all about the stories we tell ourselves. Our emotions and view of life are connected to our stories. In my personal journey I have lost and found myself time and over again. As early as I can remember my life was always challenged with addictions and destructive patterns. Raised mainly by my mother with love, I grew up without any roots, not knowing what it meant to have long lasting friendships. I grew up without many of the things normal children have, things most take for granted.

Without any notion of who he was, he has dedicated his life in discovering himself. His search in becoming and accepting his authentic self has been one with many ups and downs. His quest has helped him realize how vital it is to grow as a person. Each time finding new depths within himself, bringing him to a deeper level, a deeper understanding of who he is. In doing so he has been able to overcome challenging obstacles; several severe addictions, depressions, severe panic attacks, three burn outs and the list goes on. Not only did he overcome his problems but along the way he found meaning in his life. He found himself, he found a deeper meaning, finally discovering his unique gift and purpose in life. He learned that in his suffering were valuable of lessons given by the universe. It was God telling him he was going the wrong way. He embraced those lessons and learned to find a new, healthy and meaningful way of living. By re-opening his heart when it was most difficult to, he realized that surrender is a way of being. He learned to have peace with the things he cannot change, the courage to changes the things he could, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Nicolas was born in France and raised in the beginning years of his life in different parts of Europe, Africa and South-East Asia. Having lived in 11 different countries by the age of 15, travelling has had a major impact on me. As a teenager he moved to The Netherlands where he settled down. Nicolas has a bachelor in Engineering and has worked many years as an Engineer for major Oil & Gas companies before starting pursuing his life purpose (dharma). In the year 2017 he was initiated as a monk in the Vaishnavism tradition, prior to a 12 year period of training and education. He now goes by the name Nirmala Candra but you can still call him Nicolas if you like to.



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