11 Sep 2017


Life is about stories, and our emotions are connected with our stories. In his journey Nirmala has lost and found himself time and over again. Challenged by a life full of addictions, having lived in 11 different countries by the age of 15, his life has proven to be filled with uncertainties. Being sensitive and full of fears had a powerful impact on him. Raised mainly by his mother with love, he grew up not knowing what it meant to have long lasting friendships. He grew up without most things normal children have.

Without any notion of who he was, he has dedicated his life in discovering himself. His search in becoming and accepting his authentic self has been one with many ups and downs. His quest has helped him realize how vital it is to grow as a person. Each time finding new depths in himself, bringing him to a deeper level, a deeper understanding of who he is. In doing so he has found meaning in his life, he has found himself, finally discovering his unique gift. He learned that his suffering were valuable of lessons of the universe, God telling him he was going the wrong way. He embraced these lessons and learned to find a new, healthy and meaningful way of living. By re-opening his heart, when it was most difficult he realized surrender as a way of being.

Nirmala was born in France and raised in the beginning years of his life in different parts of Europe, Africa and South-East Asia. As a teenager he moved to The Netherlands where he settled down. This is where the search for himself, for his authentic identity started. ​

His family, friends and clients describe him as sincere, honest, dedicated and a gentleman. He is passionate about what he does. He is courageous and easy going.  He is loyal to the people around him, soft-hearted and a little stubborn at times. He has a taste for fine things and a sharp eye for analyzing and reflecting upon things. His path of self-discovery, together with his unique qualities are what make him authentic and great at helping others. He is a man who walks the talk and practices what he teaches. ​

Devoted in everything he does, his life mission is about becoming himself more and more, living a fulfilling life and helping others achieve the same. Nicolas has a bachelor in Engineering and has worked many years as an Engineer before starting pursuing his life purpose (dharma). In the year 2017 he was initiated as a monk in the Vaishnavism tradition, also known as the Bhakti Yoga tradition and now goes by the name Nirmala Candra.


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